What Makes A Slot Machine A Global Success?

The secret to a successful slot machine is just that, a secret. บาคาร่าสด Game developers would be lying if they claimed that they know why certain titles become great hits and, more broadly, global phenomena.

Like a Hollywood studio, when it works on its next big box office hit, the top software developers, they must go above and beyond to ensure they are creating the right themes, characters, mechanisms, functionality, and rewards to give players the most rewarding experience. And what else? Well after that comes the secret: the surprise ingredient that no one can identify to determine why that launch has really become a success.

Right Theme, Right Time

If we look at the example mentioned, the Vikings trilogy has been enormously successful for Yggdrasil. First released Vikings Go Wildin 2015, quickly followed by Vikings Go Berzerk in 2016 and later game Vikings Go To Hell (in early 2018). According to the creators of the trilogy:

“By the time Berzerk came out, we knew we had success on our hands. Go Wild had already exceeded expectations, but Berzerk lived up to its name, beating any game we’d released before.”

At that time, television series like Game of Thrones was in full swing and peaked; Yggdrasil came up with a topic that his target audience was passionate about (people aged 25-45). In designing the sequel, the idea was to continue the story of the game from the previous slot – keeping in mind that the second parts were not always good. However, this game broke the trend.

For this, they continued from where they had left it, using: 

  • Familiar characters the players had grown accustomed to
  • The same highly successful mathematical model that ensured consistency of game flow
  • Graphics richer and functions (even more attractive) new
  • New layers of content and emotion

The result was that ‘Vikings Go Berzerk’ improved the performance of its predecessor, making operators with Yggdrasil technology, experienced significant traffic spikes.

Familiarity With A Touch Of Originality

Thanks to ‘Vikings Go Wild,’ fans already knew the game from top to bottom, the mathematical model and the gameplay, the characteristics, and the same basic mechanisms used to excite users. Then they added more features and surprise elements like “Berzerk Mode” features, including Ragnarök’s Rage Meters and Free Spins.

* Ragnarök is a term from Norse mythology that describes an epic battle that will bring the end of the world. During Ragnarök’s FREE Spins, Vikings always defeat mermaids and become wilds, giving the best profit potential we can find in a free spin mode of any modern slot machine. The players loved the familiarity; however, they later became even more involved due to the novelties of the sequel.

Being ‘different’ makes the ‘difference’

The games Yggdrasil were known for their high-quality graphics, themes, and attention to detail, but the great fame achieved by Berzerk has really been a breakthrough that has helped the industry to understand the ‘ingredients’ of the success of a slot.

From that moment on, the demand for operators who wanted to include the provider’s titles in their catalogs increased significantly: more brands and more players attracted by the complete package of elements that make a slot famous.

Consequently, to this day, the signature of the tree of life is well known for its aesthetic design and delivery skills … It is also known for its collection mechanics and in-game promotional tools.